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Writing progress

Words today: 658
Words in Chapter 15: 2,605
Words total: 67,758
Reason for stopping: G home for lunch. Also need to eat and then do other stuff, like mow the grass before it rains.
Other: I had a moment of insight today. If I tell myself that the novel isn't going to be published anyway, then it doesn't matter what kind of crap I write. But actually, once I start writing, I don't write crap. Or at least not unsalvagable crap. So as what matters at the moment is getting words down in order to sort them out later, I just need to chant, "This novel's never going to be published, just finish it for fun," until I sit down and start writing. I definitely have a problem with performance anxiety. It's my inner perfectionist, which I've only recently realised I have.

Anyway, today was the day Gregor declares his love for Ceri (or should that be lust? *g*) She needs to be seriously tempted to leave Wil. I suspect at the moment the motivations are not flowing as smoothly as they might and I have to stop things going too far between them as I don't actually want her to be unfaithful, just very wobbly about her commitment to the marriage.

And I need a term for a camera that isn't camera, because I suspect that word would sound anachronistic, even though it wouldn't be really. Currently toying with picture-box or something like that.

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