Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Purchased this month

I have been buying stuff this month. I tend to do that, i.e. go for months without spending money on anything other than food/household consumables and then go on a buying spree.

Two things were for G: A copy of "The Rape of the Fair Country" so he could scan it. He's busy translating it into Welsh, but my copy was from the 1970s and looks as though it was printed in the 1570s, judging by how brown the paper is. It wasn't scanning at all well. He also needed another external backup drive. Meanwhile I succumbed to a Lakeland advert on FB and bought a bread slicing guide thingy. I've stated making my own bread again, but slicing evenly prior to freezing is not entirely easy. Also a soap dish that claims to drain and keep your soap nice and dry. The final purchase was a new computer mouse. I am rather heavy on mice. They seem to last me only 3 years. But photo, video and sound editing all require lots of clicking and dragging.

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