Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Busy morning

G wanted to have lunch out at the cafe in Fairbourne. We'd planned to do this a few weeks ago, but the surveying didn't take as long as we thought it would and G realised he didn't need any more photos, so we'd finished what we needed to do by 11 a.m. and the cafe doesn't open until 12 noon. Anyway, after last week's lunch at the George III, we came up with a plan.

Tuesday is my Big Food Shop day, so G set off to walk the 9.5 miles to Fairbourne via the Mawddach Trail and I drove to the Co-op. Shopping done, I didn't put everything away, I just put the chilled and frozen foods into the fridge and freezer (as appropriate) and left everything else on the table to deal with later. I didn't, however, drive straight to Fairbourne. I passed the turnoff and then parked a little way further along the main road because I wanted to walk up to the slate quarry above Friog to shoot some video of Fairbourne and the estuary.

Lacking a drone, the only way to get an aerial view is to climb a hill!

The lane is passable by vehicles, but there's nowhere to park before reaching the dead end at Pont Einion Hall. It was a steep, uphill plod. To my surprise I met someone coming down who I hadn't seen for some years. She was walking her dog and we stopped for a brief chat before I plodded onwards and upwards.

You then leave the tarmac road and turn right through a gate. The track is now even steeper and soon you reach a slate bridge that probably carried a tramway. I thought this one had something of an Aztec/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom feel to it.

Slate bridge

Whereas the second bridge was more Hobbity/Lord of the Rings...

Slate bridge

More climbing up the steep track finally led to a kind of plateau which gave me the view I wanted. Here's a still from the video.

Fairbourne from the disused quarry

Going down was much faster and easier than going up, apart from the tricky bit of the track which was more a stream than a path.

Once back at the car, I drank the tea I'd brought in a flask and then drove to meet G at the cafe. The lunch was good. We both had the special burger, which was nicely hot and spicy with chilli. We'll definitely eat here again because they have outdoor seating under a verandah, so even if it rains a little, you're OK.

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