Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Flu jab has been achieved

G and I had our flu jabs this morning. They were using the same system as for the covid shots, that is they take over the leisure centre and have about 6 people doing the vaccinations in screened booths set up in the middle of the gym. In previous years, the flu jabs were done at the surgery but this is so much more efficient. The speed they were getting through everyone was amazing. We saw half a dozen people we knew either coming or going and my elderly friend is going this afternoon.

I think popped into the Co-op for the end of week top-up shop, then G and I walked home. As there was no time to walk all the way to see M (elderly friend) I drove up. She is still very sad because her friend and carer's husband was killed a few days ago. He was felling a tree and was crushed. It is so sad and of course there will be an inquest and investigation into what exactly happened.

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