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A few random things

The meeting went well on Wednesday though we did have to fall back on Plan B and use the desktop computer instead of the laptop. At first it looked as though all would be well and the display from the laptop was showing on the giant TV in the village hall, but it then stuck at the screen before the log in screen, so there was some stressful rushing out to the car to get the back up computer and connect that instead. However, the meeting was scheduled to start at 7 p.m. and the introductions had been done and G was on his feet beginning to speak by 7.10, so it turned out not too bad.

Annoyingly, I noticed that about 1/4 of the way through G's talk that the laptop was properly on and had opened the Adobe reader, but it's obviously no longer reliable. And of course when I tried it this morning, it came on quite promptly. But we've decided it's time for a new one, so I'll choose one over the weekend and get it ordered.

I hadn't been in an indoor meeting since the pandemic started. We'd been told "there won't be many there" but it turned out there were around 12 at the meeting and the room was not all that large or well-ventilated! Eeek! We are in a low risk area and I wore a mask most of the time, but as I wanted to visit my elderly friend today and there is a face-to-face Quaker meeting on Sunday (there will just be four of us, but two are elderly), I did my first lateral flow test this morning. It was satisfyingly negative, as I expected, but I'll do another before meeting on Sunday to be on the safe side.

I'd never done a covid test before and didn't even know how you got hold of them, but after looking on the website I discovered that they're free and you just pick them up from the library. I collected two packs (14 tests) yesterday and I now have them available for whenever I feel one is needed.

Also yesterday I finally got the 3 large bags of stuff to the Red Cross charity shop. I'd cleared out some boxes of drinking glasses from a cupboard. They're nice but we just don't use them. Also some easy short Welsh novels for adult learners, a winter coat that I find is far too warm for our mild winters and a few other clothes. The bags had been sitting in my study for ages, so it's good to have them gone.

After a busy week, I have no plans to do anything tomorrow, other than perhaps go for a short walk if there is a dry interval.

While we were waiting for someone to open the village hall, we walk to the prom and I couldn't resist snapping this with my phone. Driving toward the coast the sky was a really dramatic red, but it had faded by the time we arrived.

Sunset at Fairbourne

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