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Weekly roundup (slightly whiny)

It was a tiring and stressful week. All is in flux as several courses finish and new ones start.

Or do they?

Currently we're scouring the college database and phoning students who have expressed an interest in various courses. We've also been asking ongoing students if they (or any friends, neighbours, relatives or acquaintances) would like to take a course. We need a minimum of 8 students for a course to run and I've had a couple with just 6 or 7 students, which means that I haven't known whether they will run beyond the first session or not.

Plus I've been given another class in Wrexham, which I don't like doing because it's a 1½ hour drive and makes for a long and tiring day. On the other hand, they're quite a nice bunch of students.

I'm also feeling stressed because the paperwork is piling up, my nice tidy filing system is going to pieces and I need to write more assignments and assessment tasks for 2 new courses.

Not to mention the fact that the students in the Digital Photography Level 1 didn't seem overly enthusiastic about the course that just finished. Unfortunately the SPOC (Student Perception Of Course) forms that we have to give them doesn't ask them to go into detail of why (unless they fill in the optional Suggestions for improvement bit). I don't think it was my fault particularly as they were only giving a C to "The course was what I expected" and "The course met my requirements". But as it doesn't ask them to say what they did expect or require, I'm a bit in the dark as to how to do it better next time.

Thus I finished the week more tired than an early night and 8 hours sleep would cure and didn't do half as much as I wanted to do today. Off now to bed for another early night in the hope that I'll have more energy and enthusiasm tomorrow.

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