Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

R is for Road Worker

44/52 for the group 2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's them was: R is for Road Worker

No one was actually working on the pavement in the distance where they have the barriers and a small digger. But the sign warns you that something is going on.

Road works ahead

I managed to dodge the showers and fitted in a short 20-30 minute walk around a small local circuit. I must do more exercise this month because it does help with the SAD. I also felt I needed some physical activity after an intense morning spent starting my NaNoWriMo story (in Welsh) and closing the challenges I run in Habitica. I have now set all my weekly and monthly goals, so I'm organised.

How did I ever manage when I was working? I don't remember doing so much planning back then. However, I suppose a lot of my work was organised for me and I did write notes after every lesson I taught which reminded me what I had to do with the class the following week. Also, as no one is organising you when you're retired, it's too easy to drift if you don't set yourself projects.

On the way back from my walk, I passed this pumpkin which is one of a number that were dotted along the path as a sort of treasure hunt for local children.

Pumpkin Trail

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