Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day 2 -- 553 / 9000 (6%)

I have set a target of 9000 words, which means writing 300 words per day and I actually achieved that today. I'll see how it goes, but as the month goes on I will a) probably lose a bit of enthusiasm and other things will start to impinge on writing time but b) also I hope to get faster at writing Welsh. Right now the NaNoWriMo website tells me I'm writing at the rate of 1 word a minute! LOL!

It's actually more like, write a few words, pause while I use the dictionary to either: look up a word I don't know, check spelling of a word I do know but have never written before, check the word's gender so I can mutate it if necessary, look up what the plural is.

Dyma Ni'n Dod (Here We Come)
553 / 9000 (6%)

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