Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day 7 -- 2165 / 9000 (24%)

Words written during November: 2165 / 9000 (24%)
Writing days: 7/7

I seem to be able to write 150 words in 20-30 minutes, so two short sessions with a break between is enabling me to make my daily target of 300 words. I do remember back when I was writing regularly and working full time I used to aim for 400 words per day. Terry Pratchett reckoned that 400 words per day was a novel a year and that's what he did when he first started, before he became a full-time writer and still had a day job.

A snippet from today's writing:

"What about a cuppa?" suggested Enid. "I was trying to buy milk, but there is a problem with all dairy products in the Co-op."

"Well that's one of the things I want to discuss," said Heather.

The café was quiet. When the two went in, one of the waiters was putting a sign on the counter saying, "The owners want to apologize but there's no milk or cream at all. The drinks and cakes without dairy products are available as usual."

"Right ..." Enid glanced at the message and then at the choice of teas on the shelves behind the counter. "I'll have a Russian Caravan please. I like that black."

"What about a soy latte?" Heather asked the waiter.

"Oh, all plant milk is fine. Soy, oats, coconut."

"Soy latte, please."

Enid found a table in the corner near the window. There was an awkward silence for a minute, then Heather said, "What do you know about Gareth?"

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