Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day 15 -- 4640 / 9000 (52%)

I have managed to meet my target so far this month and halfway through the month, I'm half way through my goal!

Words written during November: 4640 / 9000 (52%)
Writing days: 15/15
Average no. of words written each day: 309

The story is starting to gather momentum, which makes it a little easier. Gareth has declared he is off to search for the fairies to tell them that he will find the man that killed one of their family.

Otherwise the day has been unproductive. Possibly it's the SAD taking hold. Today was very gloomy and I just wanted to sleep. I wasted too much time reading Twitter, which is always a bad sign.

Anyway, have a photo of a clump of fungus. Yesterday I suddenly realised that what I had thought were piles of dead leaves were actually large clumps of toadstools. I don't know what kind they are. I'm 100% certain they're not edible. They'll be growing on the decaying roots of the trees that had to be cut down because they had outgrown the space.


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