Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day 19 -- 5591 / 9000 (62%)

I have managed to meet my target so far this month.

Words written during November: 5591 / 9000 (62%)
Writing days: 19/19
Average no. of words written each day: 294

Today I wrote 234 words, which is a little less than my daily goal but I spent quite a bit of time checking some grammar relating to complex sentences. I found one grammar book that my husband likes totally useless. I'm trying to think as much as possible in Welsh and avoid translating from English, whereas the grammar book was explaining things by using English sentences as examples, then giving the Welsh. Just give me example sentences in Welsh to learn! Fortunately my old course book was much better, but it lacks an index. I think it will be worth going through it and making making my own because finding things will be so much easier if I'm not flipping through trying to spot the right section.

Translated snippet

"Doesn't Gareth's grandmother know where he is?" asked Enid while pouring wine into two glasses.

"No! She hasn't seen Gareth since Wednesday."

Heather started to cry again. Enid put a glass of wine into her hands and sat beside Heather at the table. "We have to think what could have happened to him."

Heather stared at her, her eyes wide open. She cleared her throat, but her voice came out like a squeak. "He went looking for fairies!"

Heather looked as if she was expecting anger or disbelief, but Enid nodded.

"He was sure the body was a fairy."

Enid nodded again.

"You believe me?"

"Well ..." Enid paused. "I don't think fairies really exist, but I think Gareth believes in them."

"He went to look for them, but he didn't come back!"

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