Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Slightly feverish

Yesterday was rather hectic. I had an appointment for my covid booster at 1.15 p.m. but still wanted to visit my elderly friend in the morning and do the top-up shop to pick up the local paper (which is weekly and comes out on Thursdays) and the pizzas we traditionally eat on Fridays. The weather forecast said it would be wet all day.

The obvious thing to do was drive to see my friend in the morning and then after lunch drive to the Co-op, get the booster in the leisure centre which is right next door and the pop into the Co-op for the bits and pieces I needed. However, when G had his booster a couple of weeks ago there were no parking spaces left at all in the Co-op's car park because obviously everyone else had had a similar idea.

I therefore decided to use the car in the morning to visit M and then, regardless of the weather, walk into town in the afternoon, well wrapped up and carrying an umbrella if necessary. Because the forecast was very certain about the rain (black cloud icon with two raindrops) I was concerned about the food getting wet on the walk home. Therefore on the way to M's I detoured to the Co-op and got one of the very last spaces. Everywhere seemed chaotic. Friday is always the busiest day in town because it's the day of the livestock market and the farmers come in to buy and sell sheep and cattle -- or possibly just to eye up the prices and chat to their mates? Meanwhile the women descend on the town to do the weekly shop.

The town square was congested with a lorry trying to park and unload Christmas trees and the Co-op was congested with people ambling around and standing for ages in front of the shelves, unable to decide what to have. There was a couple with trolley blocking access to the cheese fridge. When they'd moved on and I'd grabbed what I wanted, I encountered them again in front of the coffee shelves. Finally, items collected I used the self-service checkout for speed and arrived at M's house a little late.

M brewed a pot of tea and we settled to do the crossword but we hadn't got very far when one of her friends turned up. D lives in the middle of nowhere some miles to the north but had come into town for her booster. I'm still edgy about being with people (and until we know more about it, I'm going to be even more edgy once this new omicron variant arrives) so after a few minutes I headed back home.

I was now ahead with my plans and back home earlier than I expected, which meant I had time to make some soup with the left over stock from the slow-cooked beef and a selection of veggies.

It turned out the weather forecast was wrong. It didn't rain in the afternoon until after I had been jabbed and walked home again. When the weather is very changeable, this often happens. They get the right weather and it arrives in the right order, but doesn't always stick to the forecast's timetable.

I was very lucky with my appointment time. When I arrived dead on 1.15 there were only 5 or 6 people in front of me. By the time I'd been jabbed and ushered to a chair to wait for the required 15 minutes, the queue wound back and forth filling half the leisure centre gym, due to everyone being spread out to allow for social distancing.

I slept reasonably well. Side-effects from the jab were slight tenderness if I poked the injection site (soloution: don't poke the arm!) and feeling a bit washed out and tired. This booster is Pfizer after two doses of Astra Zeneca earlier this year.

I had sent apologies re a couple of meetings (online) because I suspected I might not feel up to staring at a screen and following the discussion. I've therefore done virtually nothing all morning. I currently have a slightly raised temperature, which enabled me to discover the the digital thermometer beeps frantically is one's temperature is up. Every time I've used it before, my temperature turned out to be normal, whereupon it just gives a quiet "peep".

Anyway, the plan is to do not very much this afternoon, though I need to try to write some words. I'm sure I'll feel a lot better tomorrow and I'm just glad of the extra protection.

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