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Move more -- 10,000 steps

So far today I have done 9580 steps.

Yes, I have acquired a pedometer. *g* I say acquired because though I had been thinking of buying one, I hadn't got around to it, but yesterday, as G and I were taking a break from the indoor computer stuff by going for a short walk down the old railway line, we found one. Well, G found it lying in the middle of the path and I promptly adopted it.

I always feel slightly guilty about acquiring lost stuff, even when it obviously can't have cost more than a few pounds and really wasn't worth taking to the police station. Anyway, I intend to put it to good use, so at least it has found a good home.

My find is a very simple pedometer (which is why I don't think it can have cost much). It just counts steps or (if you enter your stride length) it will work out distance. It doesn't do anything fancy like calories burnt.

But having acquired a pedomoeter, I had to look up what a respectable number of steps per day would be and found this. Which means that today was an OK day as far as exercise went. Though I didn't quite make the 10,000 a lot of those steps were done pushing the lawnmower, so in terms of exercise and calories burnt, I'm sure I was on target today.

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