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Decluttering and rearranging

Whether it's the increasing light levels, I don't know, but suddenly the urge to Do Something About The House has returned. The fact that it had become impossible to move around in my tiny study might also have something to do with it. Not to mention the impending arrival in a few weeks time of the new furniture that is to go in the spare bedroom cum sitting room.

So today (in addition to finishing the marking of the creative writing assignments) I intend to:

  • Move the futon chair out of my study

  • Empty chest of drawers that still has M's stuff in it

    • Some items binned (three bags of rubbish produced)

    • Other items and clothes put to one side for M to decide about

    • Some clothes put for washing and donating

  • Move the desk over to the corner by the window

  • Put the chest of drawers in study where the desk used to be

  • Clean out rats

  • Move rat cage from desk to chest of drawers

  • Move regularly used files from the storage basket into the chest of drawer where they will be more accessible

  • Cut and fit the last carpet tile on the top landing (I definitely have a problem with completing projects!)

  • Iron enough shirts for G and me for this week

  • Put clean underwear away in drawers.

There's so little space in our house that trying to regain order is like doing one of those sliding puzzles where you have just one free space and in order to complete the pattern you have to shuffle the tiles around, swapping one with another until gradually everything settles into place.

Also trying to rearrange and declutter one room seems to result in several other rooms becoming a mess. But I will get there eventually.

Looking at the list just before I post this, I think that was a productive day, even though I didn't manage to finish the assignments. More decluttering next weekend I think.

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