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Some ancient wisdom

Some Ancient Sumerian proverbs found via a link from sovay commenting here in matociquala's LJ.

Some make little sense to the modern reader:

You should not say to Ninjiczida: "Let me live!"

Do not make me pass through the gate!

Others, despite having either lost something in translation or needing some kind of knowledge of the time to explain them, still have a certain charm.

My things changed things.

Others are as apt today as they were thousands of years ago.

You don't speak of that which you have found. You talk only about what you have lost.

Wealth is far away, poverty is close at hand.

He who possesses many things is constantly on guard.

To be wealthy and insist on demanding more is abominable.

The lives of the poor do not survive their deaths.

And there is even some health and safety advice for the kitchen.

You are pouring the fat from the meat, you are pulling out the roasted barley -- when you carry the cooking pot, watch out for your feet!

But amongst all this ancient wisdom there is this one which, from personal experience, I would strongly dispute.

Possessions are flying birds -- they never find a place to settle.

My possessions are all too settled. In fact I could suggest a counter-proverb (made upon the spur of the moment):

wherever there is a horizontal surface, there you will find clutter.

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