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Writing progress -- at last!

Words today: 312
Words in Chapter 15: 3050 (almost finished)
Words total: 68,210
Reason for stopping: Reached the end of the sex scene and just started the transition into the embarrassed sneaking out of Gregor's tent scene.

I don't know why the blasted thing has been stuck for so long. Possibly just pressure of the day job. It obviously wasn't posting to rasfc because despite taking a holiday from the group, I still wrote nothing. I've started posting again and a few days later, I manage to write.

I don't think it's a cause and effect; I think I was just too stressed with other stuff. Like the inspection of the Wrexham teaching centre and the effort of finishing off some courses and starting 3 others.

Need to start critting 500 word stories for the fiction writing students. Also need to do enough Critters crits to get me back in good standing so I can post Alingard Variations to the queue.

Now it's time for dinner and slump in front of TV...

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