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A new shop has opened

We decided to indulge in fish and chips for Saturday's evening meal, but it wasn't when I went into town to get them that I spotted the new shop. No, I'd already seen it earlier when I walked in to get some bits and pieces from the Co-op.

It had been a gift shop before, though I'd only been in there once in the couple of years it had been open, and I hadn't bought anything there because everything was too expensive and somehow just not my kind of thing, even though the items were quite tasteful. (It wasn't the tacky sort of gift shop one gets at the seaside places.) I don't think I ever really saw any customers in there, so it wasn't all that surprising when it closed.

It stood empty for a while, with a For Sale sign above the window. And then suddenly it was newly stocked and back in business.

As a magic shop.

I am more than slightly boggled. Peering into the window, I felt as if I'd strayed into the Potterverse. There was a wishing ring kit and a rather elegant long black dress with ragged lacy sleeves and a wand in a wooden box that looked like it had come from Ollivanders and lots of other stuff, some of it more typical of gifte shoppes from elsewhere, like little angel rag dolls and pot pourri.

Passing there again today, I saw two customers inside. I think it might actually do OK -- assuming the stuff isn't too expensive, of course.

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