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A great leap forwards

The house decluttering and general home improvements, which have been bogged down and making little progress for quite a while, took a giant leap forwards today.

Well, it started yesterday when I played musical furniture and moved a storage basket and bedside cabinet (with basket drawers) from the spare bedroom into our bedroom and got rid of a carboard box that had been in our bedroom by throwing most of the contents away and finding homes for the other items. Then I dragged the cupboard from one side of the spare bedroom to the other. This necessitated removing all the videos and DVDs, to make the cupboard light enough to move. I then not only moved the cupboard but managed to drag the grotty old carpet out from under it. Then I had to put all the videos and DVDs back.

All this was in preparation for the arrival of new furniture. Some time ago I ordered a Shaker style TV corner unit, a bookshelf and a coffee table. Although I'm normally impatient for stuff, I waited for a month for delivery because I knew I needed time to sort out the room. Also they could only deliver Fridays and this was the only Friday I could be home.

G had also suggested that we buy a picnic table from the college carpentry department. That was to be delivered on the same day.

This morning I managed to completely extricate the revolting green carpet. (It was a nice carpet once, many years ago and before the kids spent years spilling stuff on it and treading things into it.) Just as I was dragging the roll of carpet to the garage, the picnic table arrived.

G and the carpentry lecturer maneouvred it round into the back garden, where it was parked, on a slope. I waited, reading rasfc and doing a few bits and pieces on the computer. To my amazement, I didn't wait all that long. The delivery men with the furniture soon phoned and announced that they were in the main carpark. I talked them in, giving directions to the driver's mate on his mobile and very soon I was the proud posessor of three new items of furniture.

At this point G suggested going for lunch to the Grapes at Maentwrog, our usual Going Out For A Treat lunching place. Pleasant drive there, highlight of which was passing a rally of old sports cars coming the other way.

Lunch was duly enjoyed.

Back home the next problem was that the picnic table wasn't weatherproofed and the sky was threatening rain, so I trotted into town and, after a brief detour round the new magic/New Age shop to look at the pretty things they have on offer, including a very nice Kuan Yin statuette, I purchased wood preservative and trotted back home via the river, where I boggled at the new flood prevention/drainage work. It seems they are going to close the footpath to the Green Bridge for a while, which will be a bit of a bugger as that's how G gets to the college.

Anyway, several hours of painting later, I have a beautiful golden brown picnic table and, struck by a fit of enthusiasnm once I had the paintbrush in my hand, a newly weatherproofed garden shed.

Tired now.

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