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Quick catch up post

Saturday: Went for a walk up a mountain with G. Weather horrible and misty, but the walk was enjoyable, in a Manchester "I get all my pleasure the hard moorland way" Rambler fashion.

Climbed up through a dark dark forest past disused mine shafts, whereupon we promptly lost the path. Emerged at the top of the forest and had to climb out over the dry stone wall. Proceeded up the mountain, climbing more walls as encountered. Discovered a couple of things about pedometers.

1) They don't seem to read steps very well when those steps are taken up really steep hillsides.
2) Lying on your stomach and sliding over stone walls doesn't do them any good. Emergency repairs have now been made.

Note to self: don't bother wearing the pedometer on the next mountain walk.

Sunday: Went to see Star Wars. Brief thoughts:

1) Where the hell were all the women? I think I counted 5. Other than Padme, who was wetter than the wettest of all the wet Victorian heroines and couldn't even manage to be pregnant and give birth without dying of sadness, there were I think 2 girl Jedi (who didn't even try to fight when the clones turned on them) and the two women at the end who were given babies to look after.
2) Where were all the health and safety inspectors? Hugely vertiginous drops and no guard rails. I suppose guard rails are Not Cool, but this is something I've often noticed about the future; health and safety issues seem to be totally ignored.
3) It was visually spectactular, shame about the characters. I never took to Annakin, so it didn't seem like a tragedy when he went over to the Dark Side.
4) But we enjoyed it and it made a change to go to the cinema. The very first film is now at the top of my Amazon rental list to be watched and enjoyed next weekend.

Today: Mowed front grass. Worked on the assignment for the OU play writing course I'm doing. I'm not enjoying it as much as the poetry, but it's far easier. Unfortunately the online tutor group is rather dead and no one is doing any critiquing. It didn't help that the tutor gave us the task of discussing one of the plays in the anthology (Edward Bond's Saved) for the first tutorial instead of using the activity where we write a monologue. Just got to write a few more DTP tasks, clean out the ratties and iron a couple of shirts as I'm back to work tomorrow.

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