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Writing progress

Words yesterday: 1079
Words in Chapter 16: N/A
Words total: N/A
Reason for stopping: Finished the scene

These weren't words for the novel; these were words in a play I had to write for the first assignment for the Start Writing Plays course I currently doing.

The course isn't turning out quite like I expected, though to be fair, we're only a few weeks in and have only done 2 of the 5 blocks. My plan was that it would help me with structure, pacing and theme. I hoped that things learned on the course with regard to writing plays could be transferred to the writing of fiction. This may still be the case. So far we have just done dialogue and characters, which I felt I was already fairly good at. However what has turned out to be interesting is that I managed to write the scene, despite doing a detailed plan.

I have always thought that I was a Can't do a detailed outline because it kills the desire to write the novel sort of writer. This belief was based on, many years ago, having written a full outline of a novel I was working on. (At the request of an agent.) I never did finish that novel...

Not wanting to risk that happening again to a good story idea, I have never written another outline, but instead have struggled to find a way in which I can do some planning without triggering the Already Written response. Just sitting down and writing and seeing where it goes is all very wel and has worked for me before, but it was at the cost of masses of re-writing.

So when I read the details of the assignment and realised that I would have to produce a scene by scene breakdown of the full play and then write a scene from it, I was dubious. But, perhaps because the numbered, very terse outline scenario obviously wasn't a finished play, I didn't feel inhibited by having already planned the scene.

Though I think I will stick with the circular diagram for stories.

Other news:

Although I hadn't wanted to go back to work, I did actually enjoy the week, which flew by in a blur. I wasn't as far behind with things as I feared and even managed to do some catching up. Bad news is that I will have a week of teaching Italians next month.

Last night we watched the first Star Wars: a new hope on DVD. G must have been in silly mood because he insisted on turning the sitting room into a mini-cinema and watching with the lights out. *g*

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