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G had mentioned that there were going to be some changes to the teaching rooms at the college where he teaches (and where I used to teach before changing to my current job). Today he showed me the official memo explaining what was going where. There are 29 moves or alterations planned. This will take place over the next 5 years.

Discussing these changes with him led to the following exchanges:

Me: So where is the photocopying room now? I thought it was in the new building at the bottom of the stairs, the ones that have the disabled lift.

G: No, that's the old photocopying room.

Me: I thought the old photocopying room was in the old building.

G: No, that's the old old photocopying room.

Me: So where are the photocopiers now?

G: In the corridor. Well, there's one in the library.

Me: And so the cegin (kitchen, ie the one where they teach catering) is going into the Ogof (cave) where the bricklaying department were, before it was turned into a student common room?

G: Yes, and there'll be a new training restaurant built out at the back, overlooking Cadair Idris. It should be really nice.

Me: And it says your IT department is going into the old training restaurant and kitchens?

G: Yes.

Me (reading on): The Cwt Giraffe?

G: The Giraffe Hut.

Me: It says that's going to be a caretaker's workshop. What is it now?

G: I'm not sure. But it's where the building department was after they moved out of the Ogof and before they moved to a unit on the industrial estate.

Me: Why is it called the Giraffe Hut?

G: Because it's very tall.


Me: What kind of college has a Cave and a Giraffe Hut?

And those are the official names, on the official college memo!

This, by the way, is the college building that I'll be basing my magic FE college novel on. Which is the next book on the To Write when I've finished the WIP.

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