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A quantum leap

Working away on a long project like a novel, it's difficult to notice the improvement in the quality of one's writing, but looking back on something written some time ago sometimes one gets a shock. Nasty or nice, I'm not quite sure which.

We'd been discussing washing arrangements in fantasy novels over on rasfc and I thought I might post a snippet from the previous WIP (The One About the War) as an example. So I got out the printout of the MS.

Oh, dear...

I won't go so far as to say that it's crap, but it is Not Good. This realisation simultaneously lifts my spirits with regard to the WIP (if it's tons better, perhaps this will be my breakthrough novel?) and yet also rather puts a damper on the idea of ever finishing the Baradel cycle of novels. I'm going to have to more or less scrap the 53,217 words already written. Bugger.

Needless to say I didn't post any snippets to rasfc. *g*

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