Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Boring domestic stuff

Not an exciting day to write up for my journal, but, after a slow start, a lot of useful things were done.

I marked a couple of OU fiction assignments this morning. Only 1 RTA so far. Other events witnessed by child were: person dead on pavement having fallen from a tall building; an interview with a social worker. That second one is a bit iffy as the story was supposed to be set in the street and the interview, obviously, wasn't in the street, even though the child remembering it was. I wish people would read the instructions properly.

After lunch I realised it wasn't actually going to rain, though it was cloudy and cold, so I mowed the back grass. Once I got out into the garden I was struck by a fit of enthusiasm and hacked down a tangle of overgrown vine things, along with the rotting palings with which they were entagled. I dragged the lot off and dumped it in the wasteland beyond the bottom of the garden. I also soaked all the feet of the new picnic table in preservative for half an hour and finished by giving a second coat of preservative to the top and seats. Next weekend I need to turn it upside down to paint the bits that I can't get at when it's the right way up.

Still to do:

  • make dinner

  • clean out rats

  • take items for Buddha still life out of the car

  • put items for Toys still life into the car

  • dry and iron clothes for the week

  • have a bath and wash hair


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