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Writing progress

Words today: 1480
Words in Chapters 16, 17, 18 and 19: 1480
Words total: 70,135
Reason for stopping: Made notes now for the final 4 chapters. G wants to go out for lunch.

These were not real story words but mostly notes. However I now know exactly what will happen in the climactic final scenes and I've worked out where everyone needs to be at all times, plus given them sensible reasons for being where they are and acting how they do.

The moving the mountain scene was one of the first images I had for this book, namely Ceri, baby Pip and Miffin the cat all together on the (as it were) prow of the mountain as it glides majestically over the countryside. However now a couple of other characters are there too (Gladdis and Edmund). And when I came to think about the detail, I realised that Ceri wouldn't think of moving the mountain when she runs from the meeting (which was what I originally thought) but would think of sabotaging the Earthmage's work in order to give the villagers more time to raise more money. The idea to move it thus comes spontaneously and is Gladdis's suggestion, which fits better.

So, exactly the same result, the same key event happens, but a slightly different emotional story explaining why it happens.

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