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Today was a good day

In addition to doing a good writing session this morning and going out for a nice lunch at the Grapes, we then went to look for little trains on the Ffestiniog line. However though we heard one going whoo-ooo in the distance, there was no sign of it when we arrived at Tan-y-Bwlch station. We parked and had a little walk up into the woods above the line. The air was hot, a little humid and smelled strongly of pine. When we got back to the station, there was still no train to be seen and so we gave up and drove home.

Then, this afternoon, procrastinating from marking OU assignments, I fiddled with the slide scanner I bought last year. After delving into the settings, I managed to produce much better scans than I did last year. So now I think I have it cracked. I can now plod slowly through all my packs of ancient 35mm slides, scanning the interesting ones to put on CD for the rest of the family. It's been a bit of a pain that all the photos of the kids when they were small were on 35mm slides and thus difficult to access nowadays.

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