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Writing progress

Words today: 622
Words in Chapter 16: 886
Words total: 70,723
Still to be written: 11,377 (estimated)
Reason for stopping: End of scene. Also time for lunch and then I have OU assignments to mark.

Other: After lots of dithering (some of which has been mentioned here), I have finally decided that doing an MA in creative writing would not be a good idea. I don't want to turn writing into a chore. Barring miracles, I'm never going to be able to entirely make my living from it, so I'll always be part-time at writing and part-time at something else. Having to study fiction writing and write things to order and have to do workshops with literary-type writers when I'm a genre hack (if I'm any sort of writer at all) is Not Going To Work and having an MA in creative writing is not going to help me get my novels published, which is what I really really want.

So I've signed up to do a part-time Masters in Education. Yes, I've succumbed to peer pressure. I can't be the only one in my family without a masters and the OU masters degree has quite a few interesting modules that are very relevant to my teaching job. Also, as an OU tutor, I don't have to pay for courses. *g* It's a nice little perk and naturally helps them to have a better trained and qualified staff. The first module will start next February and is called Learning Through Life

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