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A funny sort of day

Just a quick update before I disappear for the weekend.

The only problem with not listening to the news, in order to avoid over-exposure to the continual drip of dismal stories and endless speculation, is that when something really big happens, I'm a bit slow to catch on.

After spending the morning at home scampering around ironing things and gathering stuff and packing and cleaning out the ratties, I first heard of the bombings in London at lunchtime on the radio in the garage where I bought diesel before setting out to go to work. I then listened to the details on the car radio driving in. However it seems everyone I know who lives in London or works there is OK, which is one small mercy. I just hope now that the Government don't use the attacks as an excuse for total over-reaction.

Anyway, G and I are off to Portugal. We're staying in a hotel near the airport tonight and flying out tomorrow morning. Fortunately we're flying from Manchester, so the disruption in and around London shouldn't affect us.

I'll be back and therefore online again next Monday.

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