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Friends meme found via dendrophilous

Copy your friends list. Bold the ones you have met in real life and italicize the ones you have talked with on the phone. With anybody you have only spoken to online, do nothing. If any of your friends have multiple journals, list only one.

annafdd, apric, arcaedia, bard_bloom, batwrangler, beth_bernobich, brisingamen, brooksmoses, charlieallery, coffee_and_ink, del_c, dhole, diony, elizabethbear, fjm, green_knight, heres_luck, htwj, hydnum, jackiejj, john_d_owen, karentraviss, llaregyb, matociquala, mevennen, oursin, pameladean, papersky, pariyal, pickledginger, planetalyx, pollyc, rezendi, ritaxis, rosamund, sythyry, truepenny

For me it's either met in real life or only know via the web. I don't really do phones, except when I can't help it or for very close family. I'm hoping to meet a few more on the list at the forthcoming WorldCon in Glasgow.

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