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Visit to Hay-on-Wye

(Written this morning and posted after arriving home.)

It's 8.30 am, I am sitting in the car in the main car park in Hay-on-Wye listening to the radio and typing this while waiting for my brother A and his wife S to arrive. A and S should be here in an hour or so, but I have been here for some time and have already eaten the packed breakfast I brought with me (hard boiled egg, buttered roll, marmalade roll and a flask of tea).

The reason for my early arrival is that I had to take G to get the 5:47am train from Machynlleth. Yes, he's off to yet another conference, in Bristol this time. As Machynlleth is vaguely en route for Hay, it made no sense to go back home, only to have to set off again a couple of hours later. So I just enjoyed the empty roads -- a wonderful change after the drive to S Wales at the weekend -- and cruised happily down the A470. (There's actually a Welsh pop song about the A470. Not quite Route 66 or the Road to Mandalay, but a vital N-S link. *g*)

I am able to type because though I intended to sell the Psion on Ebay, I didn't get round to it and eventually decided that I'd hang on to it and put it into use once more -- though not as a diary/planner. I'm going to stick to the paper system I evolved after the Psion broke a few years ago. I did get it repaired (obviously, or I couldn't be typing on it now), but I've never entirely trusted electronic devices after that. No, I'll just stick to using it as a mobile word processor, saving the files onto the CompactFlash card, which I can read on the desktop computer via the card reader and then convert the file. So if the screen goes all stripy again, it won't matter because I can rescue anything I've written. The other problem with electronic diaries is that the day expands to fit the number of things you type into it. Unfortunately, real days don't, so I used to end up putting far too many tasks down for each day, which could only lead to frustration and disappointment.

Anyway, enough of this waffle. I will now take advantage of my mobile computing power to type up the minutes of a meeting held at work the other week, and by then A & S should soon be here and we can set off to hit the bookshops.

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