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Writing progress

Words yesterday: 2384 (hand written)
Words today: 729
Words in Chapter 16 : 3006
Words in Chapter 17 : 729
Words total: 73,007
Reason for stopping: Had to go and strim grass and put down wood chips around the new picnic table. Also lots of housework, which has been sadly neglected of late.

I had hoped to have Moving A Mountain finished by WorldCon. Having had a couple of really busy months, I hadn't written at all, so it looked as though I would be way off target. However, I had a long train journey home, didn't I? Also I had some time to kill between having to check out of the hall of residence by 10:00am and catching my train at 12:47pm.

As I was taking a shortcut through the SECC in order to get to the train station, I saw the small shop and, lo, it sold A4 lined writing pads!

So I have finally done the Writing At A Cafe thing. *g* I bought a cup of tea, took out my writing pad and started scribbling. After a while, I moved on to Central Station, where I sat in the passengers' lounge and scribbled some more. And I scribbled on the train, so that by the time I arrived home, I estimate that I wrote about 2834 words. Today I managed a good session before starting the weed shifting and wood chipping spreading, so I'm only going to be a few days beyond my target date after all.

It looks like the novel is going to come in a little short, though I'm hoping it might still make it to 80,000. But my novels have always grown when I revised them, so here's hoping it happens this time too. I'm aiming for a final draft of around 85,000 words.

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