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Interaction, Glasgow -- Worldcon day One

Thursday 6:30pm
I arrived safely after an uneventful train journey and checked into room in Kelvinhaugh Gate Hall of residence. The room is fine and I have explored the kitchen and made a cup of tea (Russian caravan), which I am now drinking. Have not met any of my flat mates yet, but there must be some because the hall is fully booked. Will quickly freshen up and then go to explore the shortcut back to the Exhibition Centre, check in with the convention and start hunting for people I know.

Thursday 11:30pm
Back in room now drinking a bedtime cup of green tea. Registration was easy enough to find and, suitably badged and armed with the full information booklet, I set off to find people I know. (I had already run into Dave Langford en route to registration.) After a brief wander up and down the main concourse area and watching the theramin player for a few moments, I ran into Catja. Together we slipped into the second half of the How do you get a book cover? panel, which was OK.

Feeling peckish, I bought one of the few remaining ciabatta's and had a cup of tea with Catja. Then, no sooner had we set off to look for more people, we ran into Charlie, Anna, Chris (Hedgehog), Tina Anghelatos and a couple of others. We had a drink in the bar and chatted (I conversed with Tina about Milford (neither of us are going) and agents) before all decamping to the I'm sorry I haven't and SFing clue billed as the antidote to panel items. It was very amusing, though it was obvious that some people (Ben Jeapes and Chris Priest) had prepared more thoroughly than Ken MacLeod and especially John Meaney. *g*
By now it was 11:00pm and I knew I had to walk back to the hall, so I said goodnight and after one false start when I exited at the wrong end of the SECC, I toddled off across the dark and deserted car park, crossed the footbridge and made it safely back to Kelvinhaugh without seeing another soul.

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