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Interaction, Glasgow -- Worldcon day two

Friday 6:30pm
Just returned to room for a while to chill out, drink a cup of tea and change for this evening. Feet have stood up quite well to the sandals, but I have already walked further in them today than planned, so I don't want to push my luck and wear them this evening too.

There was an early start to the day in order to meet everyone from rasfc. As I was heading (as I thought) for the Moat House hotel, I ran into Charlie, Anna and Catja coming the other way. I hadn't realised that the Moat house actually adjoined the SECC and that some of the panels were being held in hotel rooms. Anyway, together we found the moat house where a bunch of rasfcals were gathered: Jo and Sasha, Alma and husband Deck, Vlatko, Tom Womack, Chris Dollin, Zara Baxter, Julia Jones, plus of course Charlie and Catja and Anna and I and also some others I seem to have mislaid from my memory (because I think we were seventeen in total).

We walked to the Campanile Hotel, hoping to buy breakfast (because breakfast was terribly expensive in the Moat house), but they couldn't cope with such a large influx. After discovering that the breakfast in the other nearby hotel would also be horribly expensive and they probably wouldn't be able to cope with a large influx either, we arrived at Plan B, which was to summon 3 taxis to take us all to the student flat Jo et al were occupying. Tom was dropped off at the nearby Sainsbury's to buy bagels and bacon and mushrooms. Breakfast was cooked by Jo and consumed in a leisurely fashion over much pleasant conversation.

Returning to the hotel was done in just one taxi because most of us walked, following Vlatko's capable lead.

Then there were panels, which will be written about separately when I've had time to type up the hand written notes in my notebook. These notes were on the Psion, and thus only needed spellchecking and a light polish to make them ready for posting.

Catja wanted to go to the sword fighting item, but I felt all panelled out -- not that that was a panel exactly. I wandered outside for a few minutes in the sunshine and took some photos. Passing back through the main concourse I also took photos and ended up in the dealer room where I found Jo on Elise's jewellery stand. Jo persuaded me that I needed a magic writing necklace and picked out a very seductive one that glued itself to my fingers and made it impossible for me to return it to the stand. She also offered to buy earrings to match if I bought it (which was very generous and kind and much appreciated), which I did and I'm wearing it and the earrings now.

Jo assures me that magic writing necklaces are very good for establishing a favourable atmosphere when included as part of the writing ritual. All Elise's jewellery has charming names and my necklace is called Teasing the Green Man. I think it will do very nicely as the magic writing necklace for the next novel, the magic FE college on.

Off now to the panel on distractions from writing, then hopefully to find people to go out and eat with.

Friday 11:10pm
Back in room now, winding down and getting ready for bed.

The panel about blogs and other online distractions wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, though davidlevine was amusing and I managed to say hello afterwards. (Another online presence with a real face now. *g*) One of the writers really didn't seem to have the right attitude. He said basically: I have sold my first novel, so I've started a blog to tell people how wonderful I am, but soon I'll have to stop writing the blog because I need to start work on the next novel.

This really isn't how I see my online presence at all. I do online stuff partly to learn, partly to pass on insights I've gained, in the hope that they might be of use to someone else, and sometimes to help people who are only just setting out on the writing path. (I may not be an expert, but I am more knowledgeable that a complete beginner.) But mostly my online stuff is a kind of social life and a way of connecting with a community of practice, which is essential for continued learning and becoming a skilled practitioner.

After this I ate food in the form of a toasted tuna and cheese ciabatta. This was OK, but a little strange. It seems that with the scattered nature of the con that going out in a bunch for a meal is going to be somewhat problematical and the concourse stops selling food quite early, hence the tuna and cheese thing being about the only food left at just after 8:00. The restaurant is expensive, though I might treat myself one evening, but basically I think I need to head out to the shops tomorrow and buy some food I can cook here.

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