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Interaction, Glasgow -- Worldcon day three

Saturday 9:30pm

A quick trip to the shops this morning provided me with frozen food, bread, fruit, veg, cheese, eggs, ham, yoghurt and noodles. This should provide breakfasts, dinners and lunches for the rest of the con.

But, sadly, the trip to the shops meant that I missed Jo's reading. There was no sign of Charlie or Anna or Catja in the SECC, so I bought a cup of tea and then found Jo standing by the entrance, waiting for her German editor -- who didn't appear, at least not before I toddled off to the Down Side of Fantasy panel. This was from the academic strand and showed yet again that I couldn't do a literature MA. Having said that, the paper on Sin/Crime in Arthurian fantasy was interesting, though necessarily condensed in the time available. Cecilia Dart-Thornton (Australian by her accent, I think) then gave an overview of the various creatures, both evil and good that can be found in British folklore, all to the background of the stunning visuals from the CD that will accompany her novel (due out in the autumn, according to Catja). From there straight into the neighbouring room (fortunately because they're now only allowing a certain number into the room and closing the door once it's full and there isn't much time between panels to find one's way through the lengthy and twisty corridors of the convention centre).

This panel was about sex in Children's and YA books. Good panel. ( I have notes, which will be posted in due course.)

I then wandered around the dealer's room again where, despite my resolve to Buy No Books, I succumbed to the new Jon Courtenay Grimwood novel. I also chatted to Sue Jones and said hello to Caroline Mullan and finally ran into Catja.

Next panel was Trilogy Middle Book Problem. Quite interesting, but could have just been an hour. For some reason it was a longer session and thus there was little time to get to the next item. A person called after a German long-sword fighting move, Zornhau I think it was, recognised Catja's name and introduced himself. We exchanged a few words, then sped off to the Silken Blades and Long Blonde hair panel, but arrived too late. Zornhau disappeared off to get some food and I bought a cup of tea at the refreshment stand and then spotted Karen Traviss, whom I hailed ad introduced myself. We chatted about various things, and I admired Herbert the splendid opal pendant. at some point we were joined by someone she knew but whose name eludes me now. At this point I had thought of going to the Is Blogging helping or hurting your career, but decided that talking to Karen was more relaxing and interesting.

Pleasant sunny walk back to Kelvinhaugh, cooked boil-in-the-bag fish and vegetables for dinner with yoghurt for dessert.

And now it's 10:30pm, disgracefully early for a con, but I'm tired and going to bed.

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