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Udate on the bookshelf reorganisation: some statistics

40 books have been pulled out for re-homing. These are either:

  1. books I tried and couldn't get in to, so abandoned
  2. books I read and thought they were OK, but not worth a second read
  3. books I have read, thoroughly enjoyed and possibly even re-read in the past but can't see that I'll read again now

Comment re category 1:
At one time I would grimly finish a book no matter what. Life is too short to do this any more. I finally learned to give up on a book I'm not enjoying.

Comment re categories 2 & 3:
Because of shortage of book space, I can no longer have books around just for the sake of it. If I'm not going to re-read them either wholly or in part, or use them for writing reference (e.g. Just how did so and so do omni so well?), then they have to go.

83 books are in the To Read queue. Oh, dear... That's about 2 years supply of reading matter at my current rate. Definitely shouldn't buy any more books for a while then. However, there is a varied selection to go at, and I did think I wanted to read them when I bought them, so they should keep me amused for a while.

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