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Interaction, Glasgow -- Worldcon day five

Mon 11:00pm
Up, breakfast, shower, dress and off to the SECC to the What's new from Ace/Roc. Ginjer Buchanan was good. She really seemed to be enthusiastic about each book she was promoting, one of which was Sarah (truepenny) Monette's Mélusine (though she pronounced it differently to how I'm pronouncing it, ie I use the French pronunciation whereas she made the last syllable rhyme with fine. No matter. She gave away a nice little sampler of new and forthcoming novels and there seemed to be several that are humorous. It could well be worth trying them with Moving a Mountain in due course.

Next was the panel about Subverting the Traditions of Fantasy. Nothing earth shattering was discussed, but a pleasant panel nonetheless. I met Chris "Hedgehog" from rasfc in that panel and together we went to the Crafting Sex Scenes. I think it was really intended for people who want to make sex/romance the main aspect of the story, but there were some useful tips. I was slightly baffled by the person sitting next to me who seemed to be more engrossed in her Sudoku puzzle than in the subject under discussion, but I suppose it takes all sorts.

After this I went for a cup of tea and Chris went in search of cash, the cash machine in the concourse being broken. Catja had turned up at this point, so I ate lunch and drank tea until rejoined by Chris. We three all went to the What's New From Tor presentation.

If I'd know the closing ceremony was going to be short and sweet, I'd have gone to it, but I was feeling tired and so went for another cup of tea and a chocolate muffin instead.

Chris had to go at this point to get ready to catch his plane and as Catja and I were wandering down the concourse, Roy Grey said hello and then said that Liz Holliday was there and would I like to be introduced. So we were introduced to her and her two friends and she remembered the name Helen Kenyon, so we started talking. The conversation drifted to the bar and then, as that was too noisy, to the fan room and then, as that had no chairs, Liz, Catja and I went out to sit on the grass. (The two friends had drifted off by this point.)

Liz has been thinking about trying to write TV or film scripts, so we talked a lot about writing before finally deciding to go out for a meal. del_c had said he would look for a group going out for dinner and see if I wanted to join them, but he didn't make contact and when I phoned him, I could only get his answerphone. I texted him with details of where we were going, in case he was still looking for a group to do out with, but he didn't appear so we took a taxi to the Mother India Cafe. (I learned later than del_c had eaten with brisingamen, PKS and friends.)

The cafe was very busy and we had to wait for a table, but after a while we got to sit on the sofas and fell into conversation with a German family who had been to the con and were going to Wales next. We gave them lots of suggestions of interesting place to visit and I had just finished writing out a list for them when the waiter said our tables were ready. The food was really good and we could order small amounts, which was quite sufficient for us.

From the Mother India Cafe it was only a short walk back to where Liz and I were staying (Liz was in Cairncross Hall) and I pointed Catja in the direction of the footbridge over the expressway, the shortcut back to the SECC. She is driving back home tonight, so I hope she's OK, especially as she has to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow I don't need to rush as my train isn't until lunchtime. I can have a leisurely breakfast, pack and check out by 10 then walk over to the station and get the train into the centre.

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