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Interaction, Glasgow -- Worldcon 2005

I have now tidied up and posted all my What I Did At Worldcon entries, which I've backdated so as to be in the right place when I do my looking back at the year before to see what I was doing 12 months ago.

I haven't typed up the notes I made in panels yet. Might do some of that tomorrow if I have time.

I really enjoyed the convention. I came back refreshed and relaxed and feeling much better than when I went. Some people don't seem to have had a good con, but I've learnt that everyone's experience of cons is completely different, even to the extent of wondering occasionally whether I was at the same event.

I must admit I had expected more sessions sitting chatting with friends and more than one evening meal out, but there was so much programme and the venue was so big (and scattered, if you consider the party hotel, which I never went to) and there were so many people there that I think it was inevitable that the experience would be completely different to a small con. Having said that, reading back over the entries I made at the time, I did do a fair bit of socialising. I did meet most (if not all) of the people I've known for some time and I also met several new people that I'd previously only known online. So, overall, a very satisfactory convention.

Considering that for years I wouldn't go to an Eastercon because it was "big", I feel that I did very well at something so huge.

In case anyone's interested, here is my con:


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