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Writing progress

Words yesterday: 953
Words today: 438
Words in Chapter 17: 2,125
Words total: 73,786
Reason for stopping: End of scene and time to have lunch.

Not as many words today as yesterday, but I'd reached the point where the timing got tricky and I had to stop and work out exactly who was where and when they were there and who knew what when. I now have 5 little scrawled sketch maps, annotated to show where everyone is and in which direction they are travelling at each point in time. Also a more or less exact flight path for the mountain so I can describe what Ceri sees as they fly towards the lake.

I briefly thought that I was going to have to summon a couple of ravens in order to get the news to Gladdis and Ceri that Tasseff Park was about to go critical and the area is being evacuated, because I thought they would have the mountain airborne by then, but Goorgy can just about do it, if he leaps the widening chasm at the last moment, and this will tie in neatly with Gladdis having difficulty understanding him earlier in the novel.

I get such a kick out of plotting when I finally manage to wrestle the plot octopus into submission. *g*

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