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Writing progress

Words today: 1020
Words in Chapter 18: 2393 (including notes)
Words total: 77,613
Reason for stopping: End of scene, time for food.

It's all rolling along nicely now. After being stuck for so long with the end tantalisingly within sight, it's good to feel that it might even be finished before we go away to Amsterdam next week. I might try and type up a bit of the hand-written Chapter 16 too today, but I also want to rearrange the bedroom furniture and get rid of the old carpet, so I'm not sure how much I'll manage to do.

Once the novel is finished, I should be able to put it in the Critters queue quite quickly. I don't plan to do much revision. It'll need a quick pass to fill in any placeholders, check consistency of spellings etc, but I think it's pretty sound structurally. It will be interesting to see what some readers actually think of it.

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