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A pleasant lunch

I managed to slip away at lunch time for an hour or so to have lunch with green_knight. Our usual place for lunch is the cafe in the craft centre in Ruthin, which has a nice selection of light meals and, green_knight's favourite, Chocolate Royale.

Conversation wandered through a variety of topics, but was mainly about writing and reading books. I was very chuffed to discover that green_knight had enjoyed my novel (which I lent her last week). This is the novel that's had two agents, but been rejected umpteen times by publishers, not because they don't think it's any good, but because it wouldn't sell enough copies. Sigh... So now green_knight wants me to hurry up and write volumes 1 and 3 (I'm following the unusual course of writing a trilogy from the middle outwards.) I suspect I will keep writing bits of book 1, even though it's not my "offical" WIP at the moment. I like those characters and I miss them.

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