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Writing progress

Words today: 465
Words in Chapter 18: 2915
Words total: 78,135
Reason for stopping: Dinner is almost ready.

Most of today was spent dragging settees around. The saggy one from the conservatory is now in the garage, awaiting the bulky rubbish collection. The futon that was in the spare bedroom is now in the conservatory, leaving a space for the futon that is currently our bed, which will be moved into the spare bedroom once we buy our new bedroom furniture. I also weeded out the tufts of grass that were growing up through the wood chippings around and under the picnic table.

I was then so tired (I'd also spent yesterday moving all our bedroom furniture around and cleaning out all the dust and cobwebs that moving said furniture revealed.) that I spent several hours just reclining and reading the Anthony Trollope book that is my current reading.

But I did take the laptop down to the kitchen and I did manage to write a bit whilst monitoring the progress of the dinner.

I really am on the final straight now . With luck, the mountain moves tomorrow. *g*
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