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Writing progress

Words today: 2022 of hand written draft typed up
Words in Chapter 16: 3006 (no change there)
Words total: 79,403 (also no change)
Reason for stopping: It was time for lunch and I needed to do other things.

Today was a productive day, despite no new words. I wrote a lot on the journey back from Glasgow but hadn't had chance to type it up. Quite a few words got typed today.

Normally I'm in work on Thursdays but I had taken today off because I had a doctor's appointment first thing. (Blood pressure high-ish, but acceptable. No need to change the medication. Cholesterol level is down another decimal point, so is now 5.1 and considered absolutely fine. So the Flora pro-activ spread must work because I had made no other change to diet and if anything I have been lax about exercise recently, something I must attend to.)

After lunch I attacked the new curtain rail for our bedroom. I thought this would be a five minute job because there's a wooden bar above the window, intended for the fixing of curtain rails. But the supports for our new wooden curtain pole have the screws too far apart for that to work, so I had to wrench the bar off the wall -- it had been fixed by the simple but crude method of hammering 4 nails through it -- which of course meant I had to fill the holes left by the nails and get the paint out again to paint the bare stripe revealed by its removal. I have now drilled the holes, painted the bare bit and, as soon as the paint is dry, I can fix the curtain rod and re-hang the curtains.

In between doing all this, I went out for a 1 hour cycle ride, thus providing sufficient exercise for the day.

There were lots more things on my To Do List that didn't get done, but I will carry those over to the weekend.

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