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I absolutely hatessss doing technical stuff with computers, but sometimes it has to be done.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to bite the bullet and get broadband. It makes a lot of sense. Even with two phone sockets, we were fighting over the connection and though we had the use it as much as you like for a flat fee per month off peak, we were finding that we wanted to connect during the day at holiday times or on the day I don't work.

So the box arrived just before we went to Amsterdam.

Last weekend, I opened the box and got the stuff out. I found only one Ethernet cable with which to connect four (non-networked) computers to the router. The Ethernet cable wasn't long enough to reach from the phone socket to any of our computers. I tried to understand the instructions and failed. There was gnashing of teeth and wailing along the lines of: "I can't do this!" and some tears and a little bit of shouting.

So I packed it all up and left it for a week.

Yesterday I tried again. I spent ages failing to connect the laptop (running Windows 98, but the only computer I could get near enough to the router) to broadband. The instructions in the book, of course, were Windows XP. Eventually I gave up and went out for a bike ride. At least I got some exercise.

Today I changed tack. Having realised that in fact the Ethernet cable would reach to G's new computer if the router sat on the bookshelf in his study and not by the phone, I decided to see if it would work any better with Windows XP. More wrestling with settings ensued, but once I realised that I'd left 3 vital pages of instructions in an envelope up in my study, everything suddenly fell into place and it all started working.

So I burned my bridges, went online to Demon and converted my account to broadband. Though at present we have only one computer on broadband and the rest still on dialup, pending the arrival of more Ethernet cables and a couple of network cards.

Of course I had to then set up my broadband dialup companion, so I could get at my Demon email and that took more fiddling with settings, but I can now send and receive email again. However, I can't get at Usenet via the dialup companion (intended really for access while away from home base) and will therefore have intermittent access to rasfc via Google groups for the time being, until I have extended the broadband to all computers.

Sigh... We'll get there eventually, I suppose.

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