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The end of the holiday

Saturday morning

The plan today is pack everything up, check out of the hotel (but leave the luggage to be collected later) and to meet Graham at the uninversity, where he is doing his talk this morning. It would have been too much of a scramble for me to go and listen, unfortuantely.

Then there should be time for lunch and just a little more sightseeing before we collect our luggage and head off to Schiphol Airport to catch the plane back to Manchester.

Saturday 5:15 pm Schiphol Airport

We have gone through security, checked in the baggage, wandered round the airport a bit and had a snack. We have now found some seats and I'm adding to this entry while Graham writes some notes for the next bit of his PhD. Hopefully we will be flying home on the 8:20 flight to Manchester. I say hopefully because when we tried the self-service check in it didn't work and when we went to the check in desk, we were told that was because the fight was overbooked. We now have to hope that there are some no shows or apparently there mght be some seats in business class.

Anyway, here's what I did this morning. Graham went off to give his talk at the university (where he was going to meet Roger). I had breakfast in the hotel and then packed and checked out, leaving the luggage in the luggage room at the hotel. I made my way to the university to meet Graham at the coffee break. I had no difficulty following his instructions and arrived at the university just a couple of minutes after 10:30.

Graham's talk had gone well, with about 10 people in the audience. (He said the numbers seemed to have dwindled on the last day, presumably some conference goers had sneaked off a bit early.) A chap who had asked some questions was giving a paper in the next session and Graham thought he'd like to stay and hear it because he was looking at similar problems (namely comparing run-off on forested slopes to that with other types of vegetation.) Though the chap from Utrecht University was doing his research in Taiwan and not Wales.

So I listened to three papers, of which I understood bits and endeavoured to appear interested, even through the dull parts that meant nothing to me.

Finally we headed back on the no 51 sneltram to the Station Centraal and, after a lunch of pizza, went for a final wander around the little streets running beside the canals, also taking in a quick sortie through the Chinese quarter, just touching on the Red light district in passing.

As we had now wandered enough and there wasn't really time to do anything like take a canal trip or visit another museum, we headed for the hotel, collected our luggage and got the train to Schiphol.

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