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Exploring new corners

On Thursday and Friday we were sent out to shove leaflets through the letterboxes of the good people of Ruthin. This is the last advertising push, intended to fill up the spaces in our classes before the new term starts next week. We had one A4 (bilingual) leaflet for IT and another for the langauge unit (which does classes in Welsh and other modern languages like French and Spanish).

Thursday we were doing Mwrog street in Ruthin and the houses opposite the Texaco filling station. Mwrog street was the one that flooded a few years ago, so most of the houses seemed to have new doors and I also got to see the new overflow channel for the river, which is designed to protect the street should a flood occur again.

We did some leafleting last year too and once again I marvelled at how some people expected to ever receive any post. There were tiny little letter boxes; there were viciously sprung ones and the ones with very stiff draft excluding bristles inside that meant that as you shoved the leaflet through, it just crumpled up. I was wary of shoving my fingers through for fear of dogs lurking on the other side.

The highlight of Thursday was venturing through a gate set in a wall and discovering a big empty house hidden behind it that one wouldn't ever suspect was there. It felt almost like the beginning of a mystery story, though all that happened to me was that I quietly left again, carefully shutting the door behind me.

Friday's leaflet drop was in the curving streets and cul de sacs of a modern housing estate, which three of us managed to do without becoming lost. We gave up when we ran out of green IT leaflets. I certainly felt that all my motivation had just vanished, but we only had a few language leaflets left, honest. *g*

Back then to the college to revise a bit more of the New CLAIT booklet, which really ought to be the New New CLAIT booklet because they've change the qualification again, but that would be silly.

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