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Hamlet as comic monologue

This is all matociquala's fault. She introduced me to the Skinhead version of Hamlet.

I don't know what weird connection was then made in my brain, but this is the result...

Hamlet -- The Lancashire dialect monologue version
(To appreciate it fully, you have to imagine this recited in a broad Lancashire accent)

One dark moonless night on the ramparts,
Two sentinels standing at ease
Saw summat extremely peculiar,
A ghost, large as life, if you please.

The poor blokes were horribly frightened,
The ghost was all haggard and wan,
But before it could say owt t'purpose,
The cock crowed -- and then it were gone!

When Horatio happened to mention
The ghost they had seen in the night,
Young 'Amlet became quite determined
To see it himself, come what might.

Read the rest of the poem and a fuller explanation...
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