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I am posting this using G's computer in Linux mode, using the Mozilla browswer. (In which, I have to say, LiveJournal displays a bit haphazardly.) And I am logged in via the broadband router and (touch wood!) everything seems to be working.

So that's two down, three still to go. Well, actually it's just one computer connected so far, but it now accesses the broadband in both Windows XP and in Linux. Windows 98 to tackle next... I knew I was almost there when I finally managed to get the computer to talk to the router.

I feel quite chuffed about this because my knowledge of Linux could be written on the back of a postcard in a 40 point font and still leave room for the address and stamp, but it seems I've managed to put the right numbers in the right places to get it working.

G is in Newport today for the graduation ceremony for the BEd degree that his college runs, but it was the Linux computer he really wanted to work with broadband so he could send and download the big data files he needs for his PhD project. He should be pleased when I tell him.

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