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On tenterhooks

When we arrived home from work yesterday we found two cards through the letter box from two different carriers. One helpfully said that he'd left 3 parcels in the shed. The other said that he would try again tomorrow unless we phoned to arrange either to collect the package (from Newtown, not bloody likely!) or to fix a day when we would be there to receive it. I hastily phoned to tell them not to deliver the following day, ie today, Tuesday, but to deliver the parcel on Wednesday the 14th. I only got an answerphone, but I duly left a message.[1]

The next question was which of the various things that I'd been ordering had arrived and which was in parcel limbo?

A quick trip out to the garden shed revealed lots of goodies. The new curtains for the bedroom and the spare bedroom had arrived safely, along with the new chrome clothes airer (which for some reason is called Malroy, yes, really that's what it says on the box) and the ink cartridges for G's printer. So the missing item must contain the Ethernet cables required to link the remaining computers to the router.

I was mildly disappointed, but consoled myself with the fact that they'd arrive on Wednesday, which is not my normal day off, but it's the day I'm taking this week because I needed to take the car into the garage for it's MOT and they could only do Wednesday. The cables would come and I could connect everything up and then we'd have fast Internet access on all the computers, not just on one.

And then we came home today to find another yellow card saying that he'd tried again to deliver, but we were out. The bit about trying again tomorrow was crossed out. The card said that they'd only attempt to deliver twice.

I was cross. I had especially told them not to deliver on Tuesday because there would be no one there.

Having visions of my poor little cables being condemned to trudge all the way back to the supplier, from whence it would no doubt take days and days to get them sent out again, I declared that I would phone and leave an irate message on their answerphone, but G beat me to it.

Then, while I was cooking the dinner, it occurred to me that there might be another number for their office. (The one on the card was only an out-of-hours number.) So I looked them up in the book, duly found another number and phoned, meaning to leave another irate message on someone else's answerphone. Except that I got a real person! I explained the situation to him and he put me through to their Newtown branch, where, again to my astonishment, I got another real person. It was about 7pm by this time, so they must keep late hours.

After asking for the consignment number, he found the reference to "the 14th" and "Wednesday" and assured me that everything was fine and that the parcel hadn't gone out on the van that day. Hello? So your delivery driver likes leaving yellow cards as a joke, does he, just to wind up customers? I think he meant the parcel shouldn't have gone out on the van. *g*

So I have been assured that the parcel will arrive, as requested, tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

[1] I finally got over my fear of answerphones a couple of years ago when I realised that one is allowed to say, "Er" and hesitate occasionally when leaving a message. I quite like them now.

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