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In fits and starts

The installation of broadband continues to progress, though slowly and in fits and starts. It got to 10:30 this morning and there were still no cables. Yesterday and Monday the driver had left the yellow card at 10:05 and 10:15 am, so as the time went by, it looked increasingly like the office weren't communicating with their driver and the poor package had been left behind.

G came back quite early for lunch and so he volunteered to phone the carrier again. He was assured that the package was on the van and that it would arrive after lunch.

And despite my bad feeling that it wasn't going to come and I still wouldn't have my broadband upstairs, the package did actually arrive. So the broadband is now accessible on the laptop in my study. Hurrah!

But I can now confirm that G's old desktop computer has no network card. The thing that I thought might be the socket for plugging in an Ethernet cable turned out not to be for that purpose. This means that my desktop machine probably doesn't have one either, though as getting to the back of it is a major operation, I haven't definitely confirmed that yet.

So it will be a few more days before absolutely all the computers have broadband, but I am now far more confident that we will get there eventually.

Meanwhile, it is sooo nice to be able to use the Internet as much as I like at any time of the night or day, without having to think, "Is it the off-peak time when I don't have to pay by the minute?" Also, even on the laptop which is far less powerful than G's new computer, it's delightfully fast.

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