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Writing progress

Words this morning: 696
Words in Chapter 18: 5415
Words total: 80981
Reason for stopping: End of scenelet and time to go out for lunch.
Other:I thought I'd finished Chapter 18, but I realised that I'd forgotten Goorgy the dog. I needed to get him into the right place so he can appear at the end and tell Gladdis about the disaster that is about to befall Longleton. It also gave me the chance to have Moris (Wil's brother who we haven't seen since Chapter 1) remember just what the Newidion Device does to those who come within range.

But the novel really is nearly finished now. And yes, the mountain really will move tomorrow. All being well.

In other news, G has been busy telnetting to Bangor and running his meteorological model on the computer there. This is now possible with broadband when it wasn't with dialup because some of the files are several megabytes in size and ftp-ing them to and from the Bangor computer would have taken forever.

Next time we go for lunch we will try a different place, to whit the Bryn Arms in Gellilydan. For years we've liked the Grapes in Maentwrog, but gradually the quality of the food seems to have declined. I was always impressed with the vegetarian choice there, but now it's down to veggie burger, veggie lasagne and two other things, one of which which has mushrooms in, and I'm not that fond of mushrooms. Also last time I had the veggie lasagne, it wasn't heated through properly and there was another time I had to send it back because it was stone cold in the middle. The tuna I had today was a bit blah too.

We did a little detour on the way home to locate the Bryn Arms and thus had a nice tour of Gellilydan, a place I've never been to before, though it's just off the main road and just as convenient as the Grapes.

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