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Writing progress

Words today: 726
Words in Chapter 19: 726
Words total: 81,453
Reason for stopping: Time to go shopping, make dinner, do some ironing, wash my hair and sort stuff out for work tomorro.
Other: The mountain really is on the point of taking off. Yes, honestly.

Ceri knew that these stone alignments were repeated at intervals all around the base of the mountain and that the Earth Mages had calculated the shear points where the mountain was supposed to break away from the earth that held it. This shear line was marked with small stones of pure white quartz placed at regular intervals, like a daisy chain encircling the whole mountain.

But how do you make it go?

Ceri put her hand over the key in the hope that while she could see and hear nothing, perhaps there might be something to feel.

The faintest tremor ran through her, as though the ground beneath her feet had trembled ever so slightly.
Startled, she jerked her hand away. The tremor stopped.

"Do that again," Mistress Graig said urgently.

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